Do I need a referral?

Chiropractors are portal-of-entry doctors, so no referral is necessary. Our education prepares us to not only assess and treat your symptoms, but properly diagnose the cause. 

Do you accept insurance, Workers Compensation, or Medpay (Automobile accidents)?

INSURANCE:   Depending on your plan, most or part of your visit may be covered. We are in-network with Blue Shield, Medicare, and Veteran's Choice Insurance programs. We can work with other plans if you have out-of-network benefits. Please send a picture of the front and back of your insurance card to at least 48hours in advance of your appointment and we'll be in touch with information on how we can best work with your coverage. 

WORKERS COMPENSATION & MEDPAY: Yes, we can typically work with your coverage on these claims. Please feel free to book online and send us an email ( with your claim information in advance of your appointment and we'll get in touch with you regarding the details.

How much does a visit cost?

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, effective care for our patients while keeping prices affordable and transparent. When you pay in full at the end of your appointment, we are able to discount the cost of an office visit to $125 for the initial visit, $75 for established patients/follow ups.  Costs are higher and vary when utilizing insurance due to contractual arrangements and requried administrative costs/processing time/fees. Please call our office for more information.

Are x-rays Required?

We do not take films in our office, nor do we order x-rays on all patients - only those who have either been involved in significant trauma, such as a big collision in sports or a car accident, or have known conditions, such as scoliosis. In most cases we can get started without films and imaging may only become necessary if treatment/recovery isn't progressing as anticipated. We have an established relationship with several imaging facilities in the East Bay who are conveniently located and in-network with most insurance plans, should imaging (x-ray, MRI, etc.) become necessary.


How many times will I need to come in?

Our treatment plans are as individual as the people for which they’re created. While one person may just need a couple of visits each year to tune up an old injury, others prefer to come in every month because it keeps them feeling good and prevents flare ups. Everyone is different and we’re happy to help with your health goals in whatever way works for your lifestyle, time, and budget.

Do you recommend orthotics?

There's been a lot of research on orthotics in the last few years and, while we don't think everyone needs to wear orthotics forever, they can be helpful in expediting recovery from certain injuries/pain. We use a type of orthotic that allows the bones of the foot to move, encouraging the intrinsic muscles of the foot to be active, while still providing support for the structures. The company is called MojoFeet. These are the best orthotic we’ve found for providing support, while still promoting active muscles within the foot, which is important for optimal biomechanical health and proprioceptive input to your brain. We mostly use the pre-fabricated option, as they tend to work very well for most concerns and can be a good starting block for a custom fit, if required. Pre-fab's are also much less expensive than the custom version at $55 per pair.