video refreshers on how to perform your Prescribed home care exercises/Stretches.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Have an active day!


Lower trap & lat activation, Scapular stabilization


Cook hip Bridge


C-spine Stealth Exercises

Stabilizers for the deep musculature of the neck.


Curl Up

a.k.a. McGill Curl Up


Dynamic Hug

Focus: Muscles of the Rotator Cuff


Figure-4 Stretch

Piriformis and extrenal rotators of the hip


Foundation Training

Practice using the muscles in your hips (aka the "glutes") to do the work in bending forward, relieving stress on the low back.


Janda Wall Walks

Dynamic Scapular Stabilization


Neck Stretches

Upper Traps, Levator Scap, & Scalenes


Press Up

a.k.a. McKenzie Prone Press Up


QL Stretch

Quadratus Lumborum


Psoas Stretch




Rotator Cuff Eccentrics


Sleeper Stretch

Stretch that posterior capsule!


Side Lying Hip Abduction/Leg Lifts


Side Plank


Star Steps

Posterior cross kinetic chain activation & glute strengthening. Wahoo!


Thoracic Mobility