What you can expect in an office visit

 The length of your visit and what we do is likely to vary slightly from treatment to treatment, depending on what you've been up to and how your body is responding on any particular day.  You can always expect to be thoroughly heard and taken care of while at our office.  We will keep you informed of our thoughts and what we are doing throughout the visit.  And yes, we love questions!

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First Visit

You will be talking a lot at your first visit, as Dr. Nolan wants to ensure she gets a solid understanding of what has been going on - this enables her to begin to narrow in on the target areas for treatment.  She'll then do some physical exam procedures, like a postural exam, gait (walk) evaluation, range of motion, and orthopedic testing. Dr. Nolan will give you her thoughts on what is causing your symptoms and discuss your treatment options. If chiropractic treatment is appropriate for your case, Dr. Nolan will then treat you. This visit is the longest, and can take up to 1 hour.


Self-pay/Time of Service Payment Discount: $125

Insurance: varies by carrier/plan

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Follow Up visits

After the first visit, follow ups are typically around 25 minutes in length and include a mix of soft tissue treatment (A.R.T., Instrument Assisted/Graston, etc), full-spine and extremity adjustments, exercise, and/or taping depending on your needs.  We'll re-evaluate every so often to make sure we're on course and can make changes at any stage of the way if your goals change. 

Self-pay/Time of Service Payment Discount: $75

Insurance: varies by carrier/plan