"How many times/how often will I need to come in?"


Going to the chiropractor is like going to the gym. Why you decided to start going influences the frequency and length of the plan recommended in order to achieve the best results. While this page demonstrates a few examples on how different goals relate to different frequency recommendations, every person's situation is unique and we will work together to find a plan that fits you, your lifestyle, and your goals best!


Short Term

Perhaps you start going to the gym because you want to loose five pounds. You go regularly for a few weeks, loose those five pounds, and then stop going to the gym. Mission accomplished. This is similar to someone who has sustained a recent injury and finds a chiropractor for what we call "acute or short-term care". You attend a few sessions and once the pain is gone, we consider our mission accomplished. You know where to find Dr. Jenn when/if you need her again.


Longer Term

Alternatively, perhaps you decided to start going to the gym with a longer term goal in mind, such as running your first marathon in nine months.  You create a training plan that consists of cardio and strength training, various running distances and track workouts, and the plan lasts for several months. You run your race, enjoy the satisfaction of the achievement, and decide what you want to do next - either check this off the list and return to your pre-marathon life, or sign up for your next race and keep running. This is similar to someone who has ongoing neck or back pain, or a complaint that can take a little longer to resolve such as tendonitis or plantar fascitis.  Visits to the chiropractor are often a little more frequent at the beginning of this type of care plan, as this tends to lead to better long-term results per the latest peer-reviewed research.  Once we get the ball rolling, we then space out the office visits while you continue working on your goal.



Finally, there’s the group of people that go to the gym as part of their lifestyle. They find they feel better when they work out regularly; it offers them an outlet for stress relief, gets their day going, etc. They don't have a specific reason for going to the gym, other than they like going and it makes them feel good. We have some people who come in for adjustments/chiropractic care once a month, every 6 weeks, every couple of months, etc. because they find it keeps them feeling good. They may find they have fewer flare ups in pain between visits, we work on little aches as they pop up, and work to prevent to keep new pains from sprouting. Some athletes feel they perform better when they are adjusted regularly or before an event. Everyone responds differently to physical medicine and comes in with different needs/goals, prompting individual care plans to work best, in Dr. J's humble opinion.

All the above are valid reasons for seeing a chiropractor. At Nolan Sport & Family Chiropractic, we are a doctor-patient team in helping you reach your goals.  Ultimately, you are in charge of your healthcare and determine how frequently and how many times you want to visit the office. Dr. Jenn will make some recommendations, but then you determine what best fits into your lifestyle and budget. Give us a call or book your appointment online to see how we can help you today!